Arm your farm with an eCommerce mobile app built for you!

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New customers can find you more easily online. A custom app lets you bring the purchase to the customer, whenever and wherever they are.


Eliminate disappointed customers and show up to the market with product already sold by taking pre-orders on your app.


Develop a stronger bond with new customers and provide a great incentives for your regulars, with your own exclusive loyalty and customer benefit program.

WhatsGood is FREE

Not ready to make an investment in a custom app? No sweat, WhatsGood is free. Your credit card paying customers even cover their own processing fee!

Custom App

Meet the growing consumer demand to buy everything online with an affordable tool built specifically for local producers, just like you. Imagine your very own iOS and Android mobile apps!


How Do You Compare?

How do your sales compare to your competition? Did you have a good month? Get access to critical sales and pricing analytics with our data aggregation platform. Simply set up your free profile on WhatsGood and receive a report about how your sales and prices measure up to farmers like you.

The only eCommerce technology
built for farms

Local food isn't easy business and we understand that every penny counts. We've build our technology and business model with that in mind. Vendors using WhatsGood or custom farmers market apps are never charged additional fees. Instead, customers cover the entire cost of the technology, including credit card fees, with our Food System Fee. It's how we think business should be done.

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